Day 1

Hey, I’ve made it to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, 呼和浩特 (pronounced huhehaote) in Mandarin (It’s in the north). It seems to be quite an interesting and hustling and bustling city, but I haven’t had much chance to check it out yet. Pretty soon Piotr and I will see about renting two bikes and biking around. Tomorrow we’ll take a bus out to the grasslands and see about going horseback riding.

The trip here was quite an experience. It was 11 hours and everything was sold out so we just go standing tickets. That means we were in the same car as everyone else, but we didn’t have seats. We talked with some of the local college students and shared seats with them for some of the time, but I ended up standing a fair amount of it. Oh, and it was from 8:45PM to 8AM, so I’m kind of tired now… :-p

Anyway, that’s all for now. We’re going to see about buying tickets for Urumqi tomorrow, in China’s far northwest.

Day 2

Sigh, I had a nice post written up, but then the internet died and all was lost. I don’t feel like retyping it all so I’ll just summarize:

Alright, gotta go now. Off to Lanzhou and then Wulumuqi. Get commenting! There’s two already, and it can handle more. :-D

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