As of late, my roommate and I have thought it would be fun to build and administer a server for our apartment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem wise, for me, to spend money on a server at this point (I recently negotiated myself down from 60 hrs/wk to 30 at work in order to work on an iPhone app with a friend). However, my temporary self-justification is this:

I recently liquidated my position in palladium and am looking for my next investment. I have no idea what’s going to happen with the economy. I’m generally bearish, thinking we’ll have the Dow crash below 9000 before it hits 12,000 again. On the flip side, I’m worried about inflation, so I don’t want to maintain a large cash position either. TIPS might be good, but the government debt is so huge, I’m somewhat worried about default. So I don’t know where to invest. About the only thing I’m sure I’ll always have a good ROI on is… me! So, why not spend the money on a server? I’ll blog about all my decisions and research, and I’ll learn a ton. Right? Right? Meh…

So, assuming I decide to move forward with this, I will get to research and decide on lots of interesting things, including:

Fun, fun, fun.

Lastly, what to do with the server? You may say this is the thing to determine first, and you’d be right. But I have no idea. I’m just operating under a “if you build it they will come” philosophy. I feel like if I have uber computing power under my command, I will think of interesting things to do with it. Probably at least a media server, although the server I want to build is probably overkill for that simple use. In addition, I *do* have my iPhone app that could utilize it, so there’s always that. I could save the $20/month I pay to linode, at any rate. And I suppose the negligbile amount of money I pay to Ah well, I’ll figure out something. It’ll be fun!

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